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Does Earwax Build Up? 3 Tips for Optimal Ear Health

treat earwax build-up Northampton

If there’s one part of our bodies most of us pay little attention to, it’s our ears. We use them constantly, yet they’re often out of sight and out of mind. We largely expect them to take care of themselves, and we now know that using a cotton earbud can often do more harm than good, pushing the wax deeper into the ear canal. But should we be doing more for our ear health, and if so, what can we do to keep them in tip-top condition? At Croyland Pharmacy, we treat earwax build-up Northampton.

What is earwax? 

Earwax is a substance that is secreted in the ear designed to keep it clean and clear of bacteria, water, dust, and other unwelcome particles. Earwax is completely normal and will generally fall out of the ear on its own accord. 

Does earwax build up? 

If your ears are able to work optimally, your earwax will naturally fall out when it is no longer needed, usually, while you’re showering or jostling them, such as when you change clothes. However, there are some circumstances where earwax can build up and not clear out as it should. If you have excess earwax build-up, you may experience muffled hearing, ear pain, dizziness, itching, discharge, and an unusual odour. 

treat earwax build-up Northampton

Treat earwax build-up and how you should care for your ear health

Here are some simple tips for keeping your ears healthy and working properly: 

Protect your ears from loud noises – wear earplugs when you attend live music events, try not to listen to music through your earphones at a loud volume, and turn down your TV if you have to raise your voice to talk over it. If you work near loud noises, make sure you wear proper protective gear.

Avoid using cotton earbuds – as we touched on earlier, using these small cotton wool sticks can do more harm than good, pushing earwax further into the ear canal, and even going as far as to damage the eardrum. If you want to clean your ears, use an earwax solution you can find at a pharmacy, or book a session with an earwax removal service – it’s a very relaxing experience!

Try to keep your ears dry – when you shower, bathe, or swim, try to ensure no water gets trapped within your ears. If you feel the water in your ear, tip your head to the side to allow it to drain out. When you’re out of the water for good, tip your head to each side, pat your ear dry, and allow your ears to air dry – don’t immediately put your earbuds in or cover them with headphones.

treat earwax build-up Northampton

What’s the best way to treat earwax build-up in Northampton? 

If you’re dealing with excessive earwax build-up and are experiencing minor ear pain or muffled hearing, your best next step is to book a session with an earwax removal service, such as the earwax removal service at Croyland Pharmacy in Northampton. Whenever possible, speak to a professional if you are having difficulty with your ears, so they can ensure you use the right solution for your circumstances. 

This service uses microsuction to gently vacuum earwax from your ears, leaving you feeling clean, fresh, and likely with better quality hearing. You can find out more about microsuction at Croyland Pharmacy in Northampton here:

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If you are struggling to hear everyday conversations, don’t suffer in silence: book your appointment today!


This blog post was written on behalf of Croyland Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.


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