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Typhoid Vaccine

Get the Typhoid Vaccine in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire


You can acquire Typhoid infection through water and food contaminated with the bacteria Salmonella Typhi or Salmonella Paratyphi, that is why it’s important to get the typhoid vaccine in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire before you travel. Most people in the UK who have Typhoid are those visiting friends and relatives in the Indian subcontinent.

They cause diseases that are the same, and they are collectively known as enteric fever. They mainly affect low-income regions where clean drinking water is not widely available and where sanitation is poor. Most global cases of the disease take place in Asia, but the disease is also a concern in other regions among them Africa and some parts of Central and South America.




The symptoms associated with Typhoid and paratyphoid include muscle or joint pains, a rash, headache, constipation or diarrhoea, and fever. The most noted complications include intestinal bleeding and perforation. If treated, most patients will make a full recovery. Nevertheless, if untreated, the fatality rate can be high.


typhoid vaccine wellingborough




You can minimise the risk of acquiring Typhoid or paratyphoid by making sure you adhere to good personal hygiene and following advice on how to prevent food and water-borne diseases.


Typhoid vaccination


It’s advisable to receive the vaccination if your planned activities put you at higher risk of acquiring typhoid infection in regions where food hygiene and sanitation are likely to be poor. The currently available vaccinations only protect against Typhoid and not a paratyphoid infection. The vaccines come in both oral and injectable forms. Other vaccinations can be combined with hepatitis A.


For how long does it offer protection?


After a single dose of an injectable or a complete course of oral typhoid vaccine, reinforcing immunisation is to be provided at 3-year intervals for people at continued risk. Booster vaccination of oral Typhoid comprises three more capsules.


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